Lots of fun things are happening around here


Just got our first monster seed order in and we have another one just as large on the way. Our business NSA clients are really motivated to see our program work, almost as much as we are I think. Plus we’ve had some great meetings with some local producers and restaurants. We are growing for Fresh Craft this year which is a fantastic craft beer hub and restaurant in downtown Denver and Mo Betta Greens Farmer’s Market over in Five Points. There will soon be a post about our new optional shares for members, we have a preserve share, a pasta share and a hot sauce share all in the works. We hired our apprentices for the season and next week we are starting tons and tons of seeds. So much to do but so much joy abounds that it makes the work easy. Oh ya and today I got interviewed by someone in a non-fiction creative writing class and I pretty much only talked about permaculture based systems in our human communities. Plus, we only have 4 more shares available for the 2013 season. Life is good, food is good, community is even better.

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