Our business NSA program

As a person who loves to eat, and cook, it’s a struggle when I just don’t feel like cooking but I don’t really feel confident in where the food I may be eating in a restaurant comes from. On the whole, there are not a lot of choices out there from which food based businesses can source their needs. Though we love our neighborhood NSA customers, we really really do, a big goal for us is to provide great locally grown chemical free food to our favorite places to eat, that way we can all enjoy a nice night, day, or really anytime, out without having to worry so much about where the food we’re eating comes from. Since we truly believe in the NSA model, essentially supporting the whole farm and then reaping whatever benefits it may hold, we wanted to be able to expand that to include businesses.

We have come up with a model that we feel supports all parties equally. Essentially we broke down the price per square foot for the food that we grow for our regular NSA customers and apply that to businesses as well. This way we are able to grow whatever that particular business needs, without putting ourselves out too much on a limb and ensuring that the business in particular has a right to whatever produce is produced in that square foot. Of course there are some plants that are more productive than others, or who take up less/more space, but in the end it all averages out.

In this way, businesses get what they need, awesome produce, the farm gets what it needs, awesome customers, and the community gets what it needs, awesome places to go eat that they can trust and believe in. Though we encourage businesses to pre-pay for their share at the beginning of the season, we also offer a payment plan. For those paying in either of these ways we offer 10% off of our wholesale prices on anything else they may need during the season. We are also open to selling to businesses wholesale, but the prices will vary greatly from the base NSA share price.

We have a few businesses we are growing for this year using this model but are always looking for more who are interested in taking this journey with us. Please email us at littleravenfarms@gmail.com for more information or to let us know of businesses you think would be a great fit for our urban farming model.

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