NSA: An educational opportunity

As farmers we love being able to grow great food. We also love to teach people about they food they are eating, how to prepare it, cook it and even save it for later. A huge goal for us is to bring people closer to the food they eat and to be able to see their local food system in action. As a share member you are given a unique opportunity to participate in the growing, drying and preparing of your food without all the hard work of being out in the garden or farm everyday.

We include recipes for preparing food each week and at the pickups you have the chance to talk with someone who grew the food you are taking home, to ask them questions and generally pick their brain about the growing process. Often pickups are a time where many people get involved in the conversation and we all have a chance to learn something from each other.

We will be teaching our members how to dry their own herbs, how to separate grain from chaff and how to store and keep food through the wintery months. We are growing amaranth this year, each family gets the chance to take home their own amaranth plant, shake it out and cook grains they had a chance to for as well, it’s all about getting closer to the food we eat. Poppy seed poppy heads are given to members almost fully dried, after a few weeks they are ready to be shaken out, honestly one of my favorite farming tasks, offering a great opportunity for kids to participate in their food production as well.

These are just a few examples of the many learning opportunities waiting for our NSA members. We hope you join us, littleravenfarms@gmail.com or download our registration form here, https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5mCVHk0irqsTXZuakRCazlGaTA/edit?usp=sharing and return to us with payment.

2 thoughts on “NSA: An educational opportunity

  1. Hello,

    How does our family sign up? We are very interested!


    Aztechan and Brooks Pettus and our three daughters, Isabella, Sasha and Bianca

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