We here at Little Raven Farms LLC want to see small scale urban farming thrive. In order to do that we need a strong community, both local businesses and families, who want to see a local food system that provides for the needs of the community surrounding it. Educating people about food, permaculture and urban farming are goals of ours and the main aim of our NSA (Neighborhood Supported Agriculture).

We are an urban farm, located within the highlands of NW Denver, growing on whatever space we can find. We are a multi-plot farm with gardens in various yards around the neighborhood. It’s a lot of fun to be able to see farming in action in your front (or back) yard and offers a unique learning opportunity for your family and neighbors. There are various volunteer opportunities throughout the growing season for everyone to get their hands dirty.

We grow a variety of heirloom vegetables, a few berries, edible flowers and herbs. NSA participants have access to the produce we grow. We also have an NSA set-up for local businesses so they too can participate first hand in growing food and be truly farm-to-table. If you are interested in joining our NSA please contact littleravenfarms@gmail.com or you can download our registration from from google.docs here, https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5mCVHk0irqsTXZuakRCazlGaTA/edit?usp=sharing, simply print out and return with payment.

We now have the option to pay with Paypal. If you would like to pay this way please email us at Littleravenfarms@gmail.com for the link and remember to print and send the registration from. You will not be fully registered until we have received both the payment and the registration form.

4 thoughts on “Our NSA

  1. It’s very exciting to hear about your farm in our neighborhood! Good for you for undertaking this adventure. We will definitely look into at least buying a share, but I’m wondering if you can explain how neighbors will be participating with their garden spaces. We bought our house last summer and have a sizeable garden space we were planning to use to grow vegetables and fruit this year, but we are not experienced gardeners and would love both guidance and others with whom to share our bounty. . . so I’m wondering how your arrangements with NSA participants will work. Thanks! -Valerie

    • Great question. We have a yard use contract with our yard owners. Basically, you provide land and water and we farm the land. In exchange you get a seasons share, actually home owners get an extra 2 weeks, to make it a 20 week season. Many land owners enjoy seeing the apprentices come and work every week and take opportunities to volunteer when they come along. If you are interested we can send you a land use application. Feel free to email us at littleravenfarms@gmail.com

    • Thank you for your interest in being a part of our farm. Unfortunately old town Arvada is a bit out of our range, we are trying to be as ultra-local as we can. I know of a few other urban farmers who may be interested in your space though, if you would like me to pass on your information to them I would be more than happy to. Feel free to email us at littleravenfarms@gmail.com and we will do our best to connect you with an awesome urban farm.

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